About Us

I&G Pickleball, founded by Igor Bubis, embodies the spirit of pickleball’s growth and accessibility. Igor’s expertise as a certified pickleball coach enriches the company’s offerings, blending technical skills with a passion for the sport. I&G Pickleball’s initiatives reflect Igor’s commitment to fostering a vibrant pickleball community.

Igor is a dedicated pickleball player and coach with a rich background in racket sports. Originally from Ukraine, Igor started playing tennis and table tennis during his college years. His journey in racket sports continued in the U.S., where he participated in two U.S. Table Tennis Opens. Since 2022, Igor has been fervently involved in playing and instructing pickleball. He possesses deep insights into the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

Igor’s approach to coaching is rooted in establishing a strong foundation in pickleball fundamentals, followed by enhancing gameplay through the integration of technical skills within a tactical framework. This methodology has proven effective in elevating the abilities of numerous players.

Certified by the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) and a provider for the USA Pickleball youth program, Igor’s credentials are a testament to his expertise and commitment to the sport. In 2024, he attended the International Racquet Sport Conference, furthering his knowledge and network in the world of racket sports. Igor’s passion for pickleball, combined with his skill in teaching techniques and tactics, makes him a valuable resource for players looking to improve their game.