Other Services

At IG Pickleball we believe your paddle is a natural extension of your playing style. That’s why we offer personalized paddle customization services to match your unique needs on the court.

Weight Customization: Feel the difference when your paddle’s weight distribution perfectly aligns with your swing. We meticulously add precision weights to achieve the balance you desire for improved control and power. Whether you prefer a head-heavy paddle for more drive or a balanced model for all-around play, our weight customization service fine-tunes your paddle to your exact specifications.

Overgripping for Comfort and Performance: Grip comfort can significantly affect your game. Our overgripping service allows you to choose from a variety of materials, thicknesses, and textures, ensuring that you have the best possible connection to your paddle. An overgrip not only enhances the tactile feel but also aids in moisture absorption, reducing slippage and fatigue during intense play​​​​.

Why Customize?

Personalized Feel: Tailor your paddle to suit your grip size and preferred weight, enhancing your natural playing style.

  • Increased Comfort: Overgrips provide a soft, comfortable hold, reducing the risk of blisters and improving racket handling.
  • Enhanced Control: Proper weight distribution can lead to more precise shots and better control over the ball’s placement.
  • Durability: Protect your paddle and extend its lifespan with high-quality overgrips and carefully placed weights​​​​.

Ready to elevate your game with a paddle that’s as unique as you are? Please visit our Shop to learn more about our products and services. You can also schedule a customization session with us today!