Pickleball Lessons with Certified Coach Igor

At I&G Pickleball, we jump into the exciting game of pickleball and invite players of all levels to come and have fun with us. Under the guidance of our PPR-certified Coach Igor (member #136494), we offer premium training that’s customized for every individual.

With pickleball’s surge in popularity, this paddle sport offers excitement and easy access, played on a court that’s just a fraction of a tennis court’s size. Here’s a glimpse at our tailored training offerings:

Kids Group Lessons: Pickleball group lessons for kids are a fantastic way to introduce young players to a sport that’s gaining rapid popularity. These lessons often focus on the basics of pickleball, making it engaging and easy to learn. Kids can enjoy the game’s social aspect while developing physical skills and strategic thinking. Group settings foster teamwork and sportsmanship, allowing children to improve together while having a fun and active experience.

Private Lessons: Engage in a session devoted entirely to your pickleball growth. Coach Igor’s one-on-one attention ensures lessons are fine-tuned to your abilities and learning speed. Working on your serve or mastering new tactics, our private lessons are designed to fulfill your distinct goals, propelling you towards your best performance.

Semi-Private Lessons: These are perfect for duos or trios aiming for similar gameplay improvements. Train with a companion, enhancing both personal abilities and collective strength. Coach Igor’s guidance in fine-tuning your techniques comes with the added benefit of learning with peers, fostering motivation and collective advancement.

Price (per hour):

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Pickleball lessons are offered at Brooksville, Tarpon Springs, and Port Richey locations for both adult and youth participants.


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    Group Lessons: For those who prefer the energy of larger groups, these sessions expand your playing techniques and strategic understanding. Coach Igor directs team drills and discussions, fostering team dynamics and varied play styles. Whether you’re a cluster of friends or a club, our goal is to uplift everyone’s strategic play and comprehension.

    3 and Me” Lessons: Join a dynamic group session with Coach Igor to enhance your game through collaborative learning. Each lesson focuses on strategic play, tailored drills, and real-time feedback, ensuring players improve their skills while enjoying the social aspects of the game. Elevate your pickleball experience with us!

    Are you seeking to refine your pickleball skills? Look no further than I&G Pickleball. With the support of Coach Igor and the PPR’s seal of excellence, we’re dedicated to your pickleball journey, offering versatile options to suit your schedule and preferences.

    Pickleball training sessions are available for Tampa, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Dudson, and Brooksville residents.