Dominate The Court: The High-Performance Avior By Orbit Pickleball Paddle

Dominate The Court: The High-Performance Avior By Orbit Pickleball Paddle

The Avior by Orbit pickleball paddle is a high-performance piece of equipment designed for the player who aims to dominate the court. The paddle features a high-friction carbon surface with a 16mm thickness, a premium selection for those seeking to enhance their game with both power and precision.

The core of the Avior paddle is made from polypropylene, known for its durable and responsive characteristics. This material choice strikes a perfect balance, giving players a sense of control over their power shots and delicate touches alike. Its rectangular shape with rounded corners is meticulously designed to maximize the surface area, resulting in a more prominent sweet spot. This allows for consistent and powerful shots, which can be game-changers during intense rallies.

The 16mm core thickness is a testament to the paddle’s ability to combine strength and flexibility, thereby facilitating competitive strikes that can outperform opponents. With an 8×8 mm honeycomb cell size, the paddle boasts a lightweight feel without compromising on hitting power, making it suitable for both quick volleys and powerful serves.

Constructed with carbon fiber, the Avior offers exceptional durability and lightness, which is crucial for quick, precise movements and rapid changes in direction. The surface finish is raw carbon, which not only enhances swing speed and control but also adds a sleek, professional aesthetic to the paddle.

In terms of specifications, the Avior by Orbit is well-balanced with a weight ranging from 7.9 to 8.3 ounces, providing a comfortable heft for most players. The paddle length is a generous 16.6 inches paired with a width of 7.4 inches, offering a broad hitting surface. The grip length of 5.4 inches and grip size of 4.25 inches cater to a secure and comfortable hold during play.

The Avior paddle is rigorously rated with a control rating of 96, a power rating of 95, and a spin rating of 94. These ratings indicate the paddle’s top-tier performance in key aspects of pickleball play.

Proudly designed in the USA, the Avior by Orbit Pickleball is for the champion in every player. Its superior design and materials provide a competitive edge. Whether you are serving, dinking, or driving, this paddle is crafted to elevate your game to new heights.