Pickleball Clinic at Brooksville Country Club: A Match ♥ Event to Remember

Pickleball Clinic at Brooksville Country Club: A Match ♥ Event to Remember

This past Saturday, on the 10th of February, 2024, Brooksville Country Club had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive Match ♥ pickleball clinic, where singles had the chance to mingle on the courts. With the expert guidance of Coach Igor, Coach Nancy, and Assistant Tabitha, participants enjoyed a day filled with fun, learning, and new connections.

The Expert Team

Our lead instructors, Coach Igor, and Coach Nancy, brought years of experience and a passion for pickleball to the event, ensuring that participants of all skill levels were catered to. Assistant Tabitha was on hand to provide additional support, making sure everyone received personalized attention.

The Event

The clinic was designed not just to teach the fundamentals of pickleball but also to create an environment conducive to social interaction. It was an excellent opportunity for Match ♥ members to meet others who share a love for the sport.

Activities and Instruction

The day was structured to maximize playtime and interaction among participants. After a warm welcome and introductions, our coaches evaluated the players and divided them into groups based on their skill levels. This allowed for targeted instruction, ensuring that everyone, from complete beginners to more seasoned intermediates, had a chance to enhance their game.

Daily Pickleball at Brooksville Country Club

For those who caught the pickleball bug, Brooksville Country Club offers daily pickleball activities for players of all levels. Whether you’re looking to practice your new skills, engage in some friendly competition, or just have fun, our courts are open for your enjoyment.

Our Match ♥ pickleball clinic was more than just a sporting event; it was a social gathering that brought individuals together through their shared love of the game. It’s events like these that highlight the growing community of pickleball enthusiasts and the welcoming spirit of Brooksville Country Club. We’re excited to continue providing these experiences and invite everyone to join our daily pickleball activities. Stay active, socialize, and maybe even find your perfect match, both on and off the court!